“Meeting with others going through similar things, really opened my eyes to how good this kind of group would be for me.”

client served

Elevating Hope is wonderful. When I shared about my past and the grief I was dealing with, everyone at Elevating Hope immediately wanted to help in any way possible. Meeting with others going through similar things, really opened my eyes to how good this kind of group would be for me. I am very thankful to cross paths with the foundation. 

— E.L.Rose, Client Served

A genuine blessing for those who receive support they so desperately need.”

This foundation is so important to the lives of children and adults healing and in need of grieving support. I believe in the positive services that art therapy provides and applaud Elevating Hope's passion to help others forgive and move on powerfully with their lives. 


- J.L. Allen, Volunteer 

This is one of the most needed charities today, to help people deal with tragedies. I believe Elevating Hope is in an ideal position to help all people who are suffering from personal tragedies. 

— R.C. McKim, Advisor

Non Profit Consultant

Non Profit Consultant

“A huge impact on so many lives.”

medical professional

medical professional

I am honored to have been there at the inception of Elevating Hope and have witnessed many trials and errors, ups and downs, hardships and heartaches to get this foundation to where it is today. As a grassroots organization, Elevating Hope has already made huge impacts on so many lives, including mine. For each milestone accomplished, I have seen countless all-nighters, enduring sweats and blood, jumping hoops and exhausting resources and pocketbook. Watching the team work relentlessly on this cause was a humbling experience. I can say with conviction that Elevating Hope is on it's way to becoming one of the leading voices in empowering those accepting the death of a loved one.

— N. Poche, MBChB, M.D.

“An organization with so much compassion.”

I am proud to say that I have worked with Elevating Hope as loving and authentic as one gets. When you are dealing with death of a loved one you need someone to understand your pain; Elevating Hope does... they don't just talk the talk, they have walked the walk. We all deal with grief differently and in the time of need and desperation it's good to know there is an organization with so much love and compassion to guide us out of the dark and restore hope in our shattered lives. I will support this inspiring organization any way I can because I believe their mission and see the importance of their work. Thank you for healing the hearts of so many.

Masters in Fine Arts and healing

Masters in Fine Arts and healing

— B.Sadigh, PNLP, PTT, CCHt and Volunteer

Elevating Hope understands loss and gives an outlet to express conflicting emotions."

Grief Support Advocate and Volunteer

I first learned about Elevating Hope just after I lost my father. As an adult the loss was difficult for me, but there was the part of me that was relieved his suffering was over. At his funeral, one of our young cousins, who knew my father as a grandfather, at first didn't want to attend the services. None of us understood why and we approached it as adults do. "You have to go." During the services, he was overcome with tears and emotion. NONE of us knew how HE felt. There I was at my father's funeral, feeling helpless because I didn't know how to handle my cousin's grief. No one taught me. As children, we're often just expected to "handle" the death of a family member. Expectations most of the time from adults who aren't completely equipped. Elevating Hope does so much to understand when one goes through loss and gives an outlet to express themselves. I was very happy to volunteer my time while I lived in California.

— C. Lawson, Volunteer

“With Elevating Hope's care, I was able to feel safe and release my pain!”

After being around Elevating Hope, I realized I was still holding in the pain from my fathers death for over 40 years. It was with Elevating Hope's care that I was able to feel safe to release my pain. The board members, advisory board and volunteers are dedicated and tireless in their work and vision to provide renewing support for those, like myself, grieving. This is a very worthy cause and much needed support for those still grieving or not sure how to grieve. Your support is invaluable and changes lives. — D. Hargrove, Founding Member and Volunteer

Founding Board Member and volunteer

Founding Board Member and volunteer