Renewed Support for the Grieving

News Desk

We are grateful for RADIO IRAN KIRN 670 AM who has donated 1 minute PSA everyday in support of those in need of TheACY's grief support groups. We also wish to thank our Clinical Director, Dr Daniel Sadigh, who has arranged for this possibility and is leading TheACY grief support groups. 


Keeping it in mind that the departments mentioned below are essential to TheACY’s successful operation.


Your drive

Your skills


Some of your time and your caring heart in spreading the word.
TheACY is recruiting compassionate, committed individuals to volunteer on a consistent basis to aid us in the development of essential departments of The Foundation.  Although these positions are necessarily volunteer at this time, they have the potential of leading to paid positions. 
We are also accepting applications to serve on our Board of Directors or Advisory Board.  Please notify your network of this excellent opportunity to serve those in need in our communities.  

Administration Department
You will work directly with the department head to coordinate all of our projects, programs and departments into a cohesive, functional unit. The administrative assistants will aid in training professionals to faciliate the programs, and make sure funding is available to pay for the programs.   

Programs Department

Determines the content of activities, workshops and services that will be offered. This position is also responsible for community outreach, incident research and enrollment of those who can benefit from our services.

Sustainable Fund Raising/Sponsorship Department

Although we do not have memberships, we inspire the public to pledge regular contributions. We create benefit events such as rock concerta or celebrity bowling tournamenta to benefit TheACY, Inc.  We are open to other creative ideas.

We are currently seeking initial charitable contributions of $3.6 million to develop programs, launch our services, and enhance our plans to expand to a national structure. We are in need of both experienced and novice fundraisers, for sustainable fundraising, as well as event and phone work.  You will work directly with the Programming and Media Department.

Grant Writers
We are very, very interested in anyone with grant writing experience. Please contact us ASAP.

Media Department

NEEDS: Media Director and Assistants:
This department is the engine that shapes our image, supports our events and inspires contributions. Suggestions for some activities:
* Secure a Celebrity to represent TheACY.
* Copywriters with web or advertising experience
* Digital copy editors
* Post video stories on many relevant subjects on our website
* Create press releases, press conferences, and strive for coverage on TheACY
* Create programming (TheACY is unique in that it encourages reconciliation of personal differences when the lost love one is the victim of an accident or crime.)  

Legal Department, Paralegals & Attorneys (Pro Bono)

This is the watchdog that makes sure TheACY, Inc always operates within its tax-exempt status.

Closely attached to the administration, this department ensures that TheACY, Inc handles all its cash and non-cash contributions, as well as its investments according to the IRS’ generally accepted standards.