Renewed Support for the Grieving

Forgiveness - Healing


There's usually at least two or more sides to every survivors story: one side is the cause and the other is at the effect. B
oth sides are impacted tremendously by blame, guilt, anger, regret, denial and sometimes fail to see the other side of what the other may or may not be experiencing.

Every second of every day, someone is suffering a loss or death through some unfortunate circumstance; an auto accident, a crime, work related, professional athletes, and even children at play. Some times there is the loss of health, limbs and mobility, sometimes it is the loss of life.  For most of us this occurs as little more than the lead story on our nightly news or a footnote in the morning paper.

When the cameras and reporters have gone and the topic around the water cooler has changed; what becomes of the survivors of yesterdays news? It is doubtful that they have moved on with us. They, the survivors are more often mired in an avalanche of loss, regret, pain, denial and hate. For survivors, that need to laugh again, feel alive and welcome a new day, there is more often than not, an intense soul exploring journey that must be taken to heal and become whole again. Healing this takes place through forgiveness. Bringing joy where there was sadness, togetherness where there was isolation, and forgiveness where there was hate.  

Through forgiving oneself or others, the psychologically, debilitating restraints such as bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt and shame can be released forever. An empowering freedom is now present, with which to achieve life goals more effectively, with velocity and a new found joy, ease and enthusiasm for life.